Can anyone give me a price quote of repairs on my car?

Hello, My 2003 Nissan Maxima GLE’s engine was starting to make some noise… Also, I was realizing that my car was eating up alot of my gas. I will fill it up, and in about 3 days, it will be beyond less than a half tank… I took it to the shop and they advised me I need:

-2 catalytic converters
-Front & Real Manifolds + Gaslet

  • intermediate Pipe
  • Y Pipe
  • Resonator pipe (Cut)

Does anyone may know (Off the top of your heads) how much repairs will be?? Now, before anything, I did get a price quote from my mechanic, but I just want to see if it’s correct with you guys or not…



Google is your friend, try a web site like this, Put in your info including zip code and you can get a rough idea.

MANY variables ;
Different shops have different labor rates and you have a choice of parts sources as well.
Dealer, indy shop, exhaust shop ?
O.E . Nissan parts ? Rock Auto online ? Auto Zone or other McParts stores ?
Your ONLY source for accurate info is…you.
Go to more than one shop …just like I mentioned as variables…to nail down your own choices.

A dealer will likely quote an amount exceeding the value of the car.

I would get a second opinion as to what you actually need. Then use a good independent shop if you want to go ahead with the repairs.

The OP apparently is not checking fuel mileage correctly.

“A dealer will likely quote an amount exceeding the value of the car.”

I love this comment. It may not exactly be 100% correct but it’s close enough for me.

I’m also curious what shop you took it too. Did they not give you a price?

I wonder what a pair of size 7 1/2 shoes costs?

Where you live will also have a strong influence on cost. Rather than ask what a decent price is, find out in your area by getting 3 quotes for the work. Don’t tell the shop what the other quote contained, but tell them the symptoms of your problem and let them figure it out. If you don’t know any other good shops, ask everyone you know for recommendations. When you hear names mentioned several times, go there. Let us know how your quest progresses.

@"Julian T – all these parts are part of the exhaust system. In fact it is pretty much replacing all the exhaust from the motor on back. My guess as to $$ is about $1,500.

But more importantly I’ve never seen a car that needed everything like this quote. You need to get some other shops to evaluate the problem and give you some estimates. What is the problem? What is the fix? What is the costs?

I’m not a pro mechanic, but I’ll take a guess, parts and labor, assuming aftermarket parts

2 catalytic converters $1750
Front & Real Manifolds + Gaslet $750
Intermediate Pipe, Y Pipe, Resonator pipe $450

Total: $2545

Quoting @Rod_Knox

"I wonder what a pair of size 7 1/2 shoes costs?"
And I’m curious about how long a piece of string is.

$2k+ is sheer guess. Shop around if not happy with quote to see if in check.

I saw a car for sale for $1400. Owner sez he had $2600 in recent repairs. Maybe he should have donated it before repair job?

What I’m curious about is the reasoning behind the parts list quoted affecting the fuel mileage so much; assuming the mileage is really dropping that much.

I’m leaning towards another method of checking the fuel mileage or another cause for a mileage drop; all depending on whether the mileage drop is correct or not.

“What I’m curious about is the reasoning behind the parts list quoted affecting the fuel mileage so much”

I am wondering about the same thing, but additionally, I am wondering why the engine needs to have both of its exhaust manifolds replaced. I can understand the need for new exhaust pipes and converters on a 12 year old car, but having to replace the manifolds is…not common.

you said the engine started making noise, what kind of noise is it making?
A sudden and drastic increase in fuel consumption is often caused by leaking or stuck open fuel injectors.

I’m going to guess that the engine is running very badly, and that the check engine light has been on for some time now

I’d like to know what the codes were

If the cats are bad, I’m wondering if they’re bad, due to extremely high oil consumption, overheating, or misfires

Better fix the root cause . . . if there is one . . . before throwing a bunch of cats at the car

After it all gets replaced the mechanic may have to diagnose the root problem which may cause the actual price to go about $1,500 higher unless you are lucky. Money wise, you may be ahead if you are rich enough to get a different car. I wouldn’t risk the money it takes to find out if the car is worth fixing. Worst case is if you need a new engine. You still don’t know.