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Exhaust pipe bracket broken

So uh I was about to change the oil on my car and it fell off the jack (guess I jacked it up too high and it wasn’t level ground) and it broke the bracket on my exhaust pipe where the bolts go into. How should I go about fixing this I’ve never welded anything before or how much would it cost to have fixed at a shop? Also I just spent a couple hundred dollars on the car and I’m not working right now so if it’s something that can wait like 2k miles till I start working again I’d prefer that where I live emissions doesn’t matter.

That’s called a rusted out exhaust pipe flange.

You can’t weld rust.

You have to replace the rusted components.


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And breathing exhaust gases is not healthy.

You could cut the ends of each side off with a saws-all with a metal blade and connect it with a exhaust band clamp.


Ask for a quote at a muffler repair shop. That might be the best solution in this case. & consider yourself fortunate that the only damage was to the exhaust pipe. Were you using the manufacturer’s recommended jacking and jack-stand points?

Yes I did jack it up as recommended but for some reason whenever I jack from the manufacturer’s point it always has car tilted to one side a few more inches than the other

I changed the oil a couple of weeks ago in my Corolla. I got the front end elevated by driving it up on ramps. That might be a better alternative for you next time. Then you won’t have to deal w/the jack problem. If I want to jack the front end of my Corolla I place a floor jack at the center jacking point (on a engine cradle support beam) and then place jack stands near the wheels, on the pinch-weld. Are you using a floor jack or just the jack that came w/the car? DIY’er repairing your own car can provide many benefits both to your car and to your wallet, but not if you get injured in the process.

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I used a heavy duty low profile floor jack and I jack it from the middle this bar that runs half way through the the length of the car. That’s why I’m not sure why it always leans to the passenger side when I jack it up since it’s being jacked up from the middle. I thought about getting ramps before they just always make me fee like the car might roll backwards off them.

Cheap oil and filter is $20? Bobs oil shop is $30? Yes, money is tight. But I have ramps, jack and stands.

Properly used, a car will not roll off ramps. The ramps have a lip on them, put the car parking brake on and transmission in park.

Besides the good ramp safety practices above, I also put wheel chocks behind the rear wheels.

Maybe the weight distribution at the front of the car isn’t equal right vs left. If it was a little heavier towards one side it would tend to lean that direction, even though jacked in the middle. It seems to be pretty even right vs left on front end of the Corolla. I’m guessing how the front end weight is distributed right vs left varies car to car, depending on the car’s configuration, number of cylinders, manual vs automatic transmission, transverse vs longitudinal, etc.

I don’t have a leaning problem but the jacking point tends to slide along the support bar toward the front of the car, esp if I jack too high.

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I changed oil in both cars a couple days ago. I never use ramps. I have no problem reaching the Acura drain plug with no jack. The Pontiac I just jack the front up a few inches because it is a lower car. There is no need to raise a car a foot off the ground to change oil. Now I am unaware of any car having a jacking point in the center of the car? Did I miss something? There are jacking points at the pinch welds on the sides, and in the rear and the front, but the center of the car? I sure wouldn’t want to be under that.

Never, ever rely on a jack when working under the car! Use a jack stand and wheel chocks, or get ramps.

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There is a jack stand in the picture.

True. I guess the car slipped off the jack before the OP could put the jack stand in place.

Idk unless the manufacturer is lying to me

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Yes that’s exactly what happened basically I had jacked it up and when I set it back down I the first time on the jack stands the car wasn’t even lifted much at all still couldn’t get under the car maybe due to the ground it was on sank down since I did it on the grass the first time idk so I rejacked It up to reposition the jack stands and the jack slipped off of it and car fell onto one of the jack stands damaging the exhaust pipe.

Bad idea, especially for a novice. Flat, level, relatively hard surface and even then, jackstands can sink into soft asphalt or gravel. Also, you will notice that a rolling floor jack will try to move with the vehicle as it is being raised. If those wheels sink into gravel or dirt, the jack can’t move at all and this can compromise the lift…


There’s two jacking points intended for a floor jack in the “middle” (right vs left), both at the front and rear. OP posted a good diagram above.

I thought the middle of the car was between the front seats. There is a front center lift point and a rear center lift point.