Exhaust leak or something else?

2006 Mazda 6 V6 3.0L

Hi there, I just noticed a ticking or clicking noise on this vehicle while inspecting the steering rack. I recorded a video about it. You can hear it sounds louder on the area of the water pump.

I thought it could be the pump but I have never heard a pump do this, or maybe they do? I don’t see any leaks. coolant level is where it should be.

Maybe it is an exhaust leak?

Our Mazda

I searched everywhere… someowhat difficult to know for sure what it is because many things exhibit the same symptom. The majority of the mazda 6 videos with engine noises are from bad rod bearings, crankshafts. I only found one video with my problem but this guy never said what it was.

Similar problem

The car is quiet during cold start, then it starts ticking when warm. Doesn’t seem to affect performance.

It sounds to me like you have an exhaust leak. This could be a bad gasket, or a cracked exhaust manifold.

But normally that will make more noise on a cold start and quiet some after the metal expands and the crack closes.


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