Excessive oil consumption

I read the comments on excessive oil consumption for a 2001 Toyota corolla. They were very good! I did a leak test using 15psi and could hear nothing! I went from cylinder to cylinder (NOT at TDC.). Again Not a whisper. The diagnosis I get from other blogs is that the piston rings are clogged up (oil hole’s on OEM to small) and that I need to do a rebuild! Crumb!!! The darn engine is running just fine other than the outrageous oil consumption! Any hope out there other than rebuild?

Now’s the perfect time for trying some miracle additives. Check out this thread:

can you tell me the following rpms at the following speeds:
50 mph - mine is 1800
70 mph - mine is 2200

just want to see if you got a diff version of the engine. The oil leaking engines had higher rpm than the revised later versions.

The next time the oil/filter get changed, dump a can of Seafoam into the oil. The stoddered solvent in the Seafoam may free up the oil control rings if they’re coked up and stuck.


@xaml: The RPM at whatever speed is set by the gear ratio of the gear you’re in, the final drive gear ratio, and (to a small extent) tire size. I don’t think you can use the engine RPM to determine what “version” of the engine you have, though admittedly if an engine is running at a higher RPM at cruising speed, due to any of the above factors, it will generally use more oil if it’s prone to using oil.

I would do a soak with 75% mineral spirits and 25% lacquer thinner.

Turn the crank to midway between TDC and BDC.
Remove the plugs and pour in some of the solvent.
Rock the crank back and forth & add more solvent every 10 minutes or so for a couple hours.
Disable the fuel and ignition; crank the engine to force any remaining solvent out the spark plug holes.
Squirt a little oil into the plug holes to re-lube the cylinders; crank a little more.
Put things back together and change the oil.