Evolution 8 mr destruction


I currently own a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 Mitsubishi Racing Eddition (Evo 8 MR). one fine summer day a company impounded my car, now the tow truck driver thought this was a regular lancer (fwd) supposed to my evo (awd…turbo…and just a whole lot more…) which he proceeded to tow this vehicle as a FWD car (front wheels up, back wheels down) he did this for id say 10 15 miles, at 55-60 mph. my question is what could be wronge? i know the transfercase was blown out, but the whole clutch assembly also needed to be replaced. ever since the car feels as is if the brakes and steering colume are fighting themselves. i’ve had my rotors lathed (SP) twice both front and rear. i’ve went through 8 tires and 2 rims with in 6 months or so, and it feels RWD when Im not on tarmack.

if you think u can help please email me at danprayfrock@hotmail.com so that i can forward the entire situation what we think really happened




Couldn’t tell an EVO from a Lancer, eh? Smart person.

There’s no telling how much damage has been done. The complicated, expensive AWD system is trash, for sure. I don’t know about the rear differential.

Can you machine the rotors on this car? Even once, let alone twice?

If this were my car I’d try to get the insurance company to total it. I’m not exaggerating. In my mind the car has been significantly damaged, and the cost to put it right could be substantial. Whoever towed it ruined it.


Lesson learned: Don’t do anything to have your car impounded!