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Every Fall, my car never starts!

I have a 2002 Ford Focus and for the past 3 years I have had issues with the car not starting as soon as the temperature drops below 45 degrees. I’ve had countless alternators replaced (at the suggestion of my mechanic) and 3 new batteries. My mechanic hasn’t been able to find any draw on the battery and neither have I. And still, every Fall as the temperature starts to drop, my car doesn’t want to start in the morning. I can take the battery out, place it on my battery charger for 30 minutes and it is then right as rain but after the next cold night, the car won’t start again. I’m completely lost as what to do next. I think my neighbor is getting tired of jumping my car every morning before work. As soon as the winter is over I have no more problems with the car. Any suggestions.

Its probably time to just replace all of the primary power cables - 12V & ground between battery / starter / alternator.

Before putting it on a charger have you ever checked the voltage with a meter? And it always low? If so, what methods have been used to check battery draw?

Yea, check the voltage before you try to start it and after it starts. Report what you found.