Car starts and drives perfectly but after turning the car off and attempting to turn it back on decides not to strt

I have a 2012 Ford Focus titanium. I was having problems with it and it wouldn’t not start and it usually sits for the winter since it’s lowered. Anyways I decided to finally fix the problem, it being that it would not start. I installed new spark plugs, new battery, new fuel pump, and a new starter. The car then started and I managed to drive a round for a while, after I turned it off and attempted to turn it back on it just died, doesn’t turn on and barely cranks

Sounds like a bad alternator from your description. But this is a wild guess based on very little info.

Is the check engine light on? Is the battery light on when you got it running? Waht engine and how many miles on it? Do you own a voltmeter to test the battery voltage and then the running voltage?