Evap vent valve on Elantra


My daughter bought her first car in July, a 2002 Hyundai Elantra. Much to her dismay, her check engine light came on last week. She took it to a repair facility near her college and they ran an engine analysis and told her that her “evap vent valve” needed replaced. She had the repair done and the check engine light went off. She drove it back to her residence (five minutes away) and it remained parked for the rest of the week. She drove it home today (a little over an hour away)and after making a quick stop, when she turned the vehicle back on, the check engine light came on again.

Any ideas? I plan on calling the repair facility for her tomorrow to see what they suggest. When they run the engine analysis ($80) doesn’t the code show exactly what’s wrong?

Thanks in advance for any advice.