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EVAP and tank replaced

Had issues with an evap. Replaced the tank. Then had problems with the fuel lines after replacement. The self repair to the tank seal/fuel pump hanger had blown out or upon install the seal had not properly sealed. Several codes came up. Cleared the computer.

I am want to know if anybody is aware how long it takes for the computer to set up.
I had several codes. I had a P1171, P0440, P0137, P0157, P0452. Prior to resetting the computer I had all kinds of problems. I had back firing and hesitation upon acceleration. I had air in the line due to the replacement of the tank. I had a problem with the air seal on the tank.

I have driven several miles and no codes have come back on. No check engine light. Can I assume that every thing is okay.

What I am asking if those issues were real problems would they have come back immediately upon starting and driving several miles. All those codes could be accountable due to the issues with the tank replacement.

I appreciate the help. I don’t want to go back to AutoZone to have them check. They got issues.
199 Isuzu Trooper 3.5l

As a matter of fact, there are several criteria that have to be met, for the control module to run its various self-tests

So it’s entirely possible that some codes will come back

If you want to be more informed . . .

Hook up a scanner

Check all the readiness monitors . . . is everything “complete”

Check for any pending codes

Would the OP please explain the (they got issues) statement. Also Auto Zone is not the only place that will read codes.

If you still have backfiring you might not have fixed the evap problem yet. There’s a valve which allows gas fumes from the charcoal canister into the engine to be burned off, but it is only supposed to open at certain times. If it remains open at other times, gasoline can flood into the engine and result in an overly rich mixture, which can then pass into the exhaust and cause backfiring.