European station wagon

looking for European wagon for under 15,000 what do you recommend? Looking for comfort over performance with reliability if possible

The only two one I can think of for sale in the US at that price are the Ford Focus, and a Volkswagen. But the VW may be built in Mexico at the Puebla plant.

The Saturn Astra a a good Hatchback, which you could call a station wagon.
I would not recommend either the Astra or the VW, however, the VW has less than sterling reliability and the Astra will be the ultimate orphan, since the maker, Opel will be sold to Fiat or Magna International, and Saturn dealers will likely not even carry those cars in the future, after beigh sold off by GM to India or China.

The Ford Focus is really a European design, although yours would likely be built in Hermosillo, Mexico, Ford’s best plant worldwide.

In summary, if you added $5000 you might have a slightly larger European choice.

However, there are many Asian models which are really hatchbacks on sale at the $15000 level.

I believe that marketing of the Focus wagon was discontinued in the US a few years ago. It is probably still available in Europe, but not here–unless you look at Focuses (Foci?) made before the Focus became a reliable vehicle.

OP; are you shopping in Europe for this car? If so there is quite a choice. But for $15000 in Europe, you don’t get anything big or luxurious, since retail prices there are much higher.

sorry forgot to say that I’m looking for used

You could get a used Audi A4 Avant, or a VW Passat wagon in that price range, but reliability may not be good.