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ETS warning light

The light stays on some of the time. What should I check or have checked?

Have the codes checked.

What is an ETS light? What does you owner’s manual say it means?

“Electronic Throttle System.”

What is the worst that could happen by ignoring this–aside from things like sudden uncontrolled acceleration?

I would strongly suggest that you take the car to either a local foreign car specialist who is familiar with the unique quirks of Volvos, or that you take it to the dealership.

You don’t need to know what needs to be checked. You just have to tell the mechanic or service manager which warning light is illuminated. If they know their way around these infernal Swedish machines, they will know what to do.

Thanks. That’s on my to-do list.

Thanks. I’m working on it. Unfortunately I’m about 70 miles from a Volvo dealer or repair specialist. My issue for buying a used Volvo living where I live. From the manual I know it has to do with the electronic throttle system.