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ETS Light, Oil Light and Check Engine Light on!

My volvo is running fine but the ETS Light, OIL light and Check Engine LIght are constantly coming on and off intermittently. In March of 2011 the independent volvo specialist cleaned the throttle body and a cracking turbo hose. In September 2011 the dealership recommended to replace the dipstick tube and to reseal angle gear. In October 2011 the dealership tech notes possible internal failure to the transmission shift solenois, oil pump seals and an internal failure to the electronic throttle module. Recently I had the oil and filter changed and the check engine light reset but days later the lights all are back on. I am unable to smog the car until these light issues are resolved.
What do you think???

An oil light is never good because it means that the oil pressure may be low.
It could be caused by a bad sensor or some electrical gremlin but wouldn’t drive it until I knew for sure. Driving with low pressure can do a lot of damage so don’t risk it.

You may want to look into a cheap OBD2 reader (any suggestions, guys?) so you can read the codes that cause the check engine light to come on.
Then post the codes here.