Ethonal free Gas?

Is it legal requirement to mix Ethonal w/ Gas?

I hear it reduces mileage?

What does Costco does to their gas?

Each state is different.

The FDA requires that gas have some kind of oxygenator in the gas…Ethanol is one…MTBE is another. Here in NH MTBE is banned…so Ethanol is used.

What does Costco does to their gas?

Ask them. They likely know. As I recall the reduction is about 5-10% and the % if ethanol is about 10% so overall the reduction in your mileage is about 1%. Not enough to get excited about.

All gas stations should have a 10% ethanol added sticker on their pumps.

Well, they don’t, and there are a few stations in my area with large signs promoting “Ethanol-Free Gas.” The non-ethanol stations usually charge a bit more.

I agree with all that has been mentioned earlier, especially the different requirements by state. But they all should have pumps stickers listing the ethanol content, if any.

As for Costco, they don’t sell a special Costco blend of gaoline. Likely they have many suppliers. They clerks may be unable to answer your questions-- all they do is make change. Find the station manager.

I live in a small settlement 15 miles outside of town,when I asked the people pumping the gas about the ethanol content of the fuel they offered, they didn’t know and didn’t even know what ethanol was, how can people be so cut off from such a issue? pump was not marked,I must seek out the owner.

The EPA sets guidelines for federal mandates requiring certain counties in our state to use the 10% ethanal. In counties where it is not mandated stations may or may not have the mix.

Chances are good that if the pumps are not marked, you aren’t getting 10% ethanol.

From what I understand…
If the pumps are not labeled, then it is anything goes and is is most likely ethanol.
If the pumps are labeled “No Alcohol Added” then by Federal law, ethanol CAN’T
be added to the tanks. PURE gasoline stations have that label.

Its up to the individual driver to keep up with their MPGs to find out what they are putting in their own vehicles. I ask each station Mgr. "Does your pumps have ethanol in them? Are you planning to switch?

The savings of ethanol at the pumps is about 1 percent but the cost of using it is more like 20 percent due to the loss of mileage. Which translates to about $10.00 cost of savings or losses depending on if you use gasoline or gasohol. This figure will fluctuate due to the rise and fall of prices.
But it comes down to you, keeping up with the MPG.