Ethanol good


is ethanol good for car in long run? some of my friends tells me that ethanol is not good for car in long run life of car.


yes ethanol good. mtbe bad.


Agree; ethanol is good for your car and beneficial in suppressing NOX in your exhaust gasses.

However, it’s not so good for the future of our food supply, and many politicians who used to tout it are now silent on the subject.


Ethanol good. Misinformed friends bad.


You need to be more specific. Are you talking about E10 or E85? And is the car in question built to handle one or both? You will damage a car with E85 if it isn’t built to handle it. And older cars might be sensitive to E10, but that’s less likely. As for whether ethanol is ‘good’, it’s a bad idea as far as food prices and destruction of the environment go. Europe is quickly backing away from their ethanol mandates.





10% is harmless to all cars.

85% can be damaging to cars that are not designed as “flex-fuel” vehicles. Components in the fuel system may be damaged.

The rest is 95% politics, 3% philosophy, and 2% fact.