Estimating Diminished Value due to accident

2000 Acura Integra

A fender was pushed in as a result of an accident on my parked car. Repairer said that they will not re-paint it and estimated at $450.

I also asked the other party for depreciation of $250 - now they are asking for documentation to support the diminished value.
Is $250 still correct value of depreciation?
What documentation can I provide?
Appreciate any advice and help?

Diminished value on a 21 year old vehicle ? Get serious . If the other parties insurance will fix the vehicle just have that done and move on. I have no idea where that $250.00 amount came from .


Fender damage that is properly repaired should not result in any diminished value.


My mother had a serious accident (not her fault) with $8000 of repairs. I was told then that insurance companies do not cover diminished value. If it were the other guy’s fault, I presume that you could still sue him, but it probably would not be worth it.
Note: this issue might not be the same in all states.

If its repaired properly, I don’t see why its value will decrease.Anyway,the other guy insurance will cover the cost of the repair. You didn’t say if you had full coverage for this 21 year old vehicule.You could ask a PDR(paintless dent repair) shop for an estimate if the paint is still in good shape.They pulled a few dents on my car for under $200…you might try that.|1000|2500&_stpos=94087&_nkw=Acura%20Integra

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Which one are going to buy?

You can get a fully restored classic for that money.I wouldn’t spend more than $ 2000 on these Acuras.

Those are all type R’s, OP doesn’t say his is one of the 1350 type R’s built for U.S. in 2000

You can find all kinds of 2000 LS’s for under 5k

Kind of like posting an ad for a HemiCuda when yours has the 318…


The only way you’re going to get diminished value on a 22 year old car is to have it independently appraised and then acquire insurance coverage to an agreed upon value. This is something that owners of classic and vintage cars do, the kind of cars you see at the auctions on TV. No conventional insurance plan is going to offer that to you.

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Type R’s (and did they do a Type R in black? I thought they only came in yellow and white) in very good to excellent condition tend bring the money. LS/GS models, not so much.

Old car, bad cat, won’t pass emissions. Not a chance anyone will offer diminished value. Edmunds estimates the value of the car to range from $200 to $3,700. If insurance will fix the fender take the offer and move on

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