Diminished value afer accident


I saw an article in the Baltimore Sun this morning. It originally ran in the Morning Call (Allentown, PA). You could collect a diminished value payment from an insurer if it was not your fault and the other guy’s insurer foots the bill. It may also be possible to declare the loss in value on your federal taxes.


And your question is?


Here’s the article, cut and pasted into a Word file.


Why does it always have to be a question, Bill? Why can’t we provide information, too?


I think this has always been true, but you have to make a point of it when settling with the insurance company. If you have signed off and accepted a check it may be too late…


ok, sorry.


I’m glad that someone put in a newspaper article, There may have been others, but it’s the first one I’ve seen since reading threads concerning diminished value on this forum.