Estimate for leaky AC line on 2014 Dodge Durango

Hi so apparently the A/C line is leaking and the mechanic said he has to replace both costing $1995. Is this a normal price? Do both lines have to be replaced?
Thanks in advance

Your mechanic said they do, how should some person on the internet know whether your AC line is leaking or not? As for the price, get a second estimate, and a 3rd. Use your phone, check around.

It depends on what line is leaking. The aux AC hose assembly is a 5.8 hour job, plus recharging costs. If it was just the main AC liquid hose, that’s a 1.3 hour job, plus $50 parts cost. And the recharge cost of course.

If you are being quoted $2000, that sounds like more than hoses are being replaced. Are you sure nothing like the compressor or condenser or evaporator isn’t being replaced too?