AC Leaking

I have been told my AC hose from the Compressor to the Condenser is leaking. How much time do I have to get repaired before AC stops cooling. Can I just get the hose replaced and about how much should it cost? This is a 2000 model.

It all depends on the severity of the leak. If it is just seeping compressor lubricant, it could go a long time. But, if you had the AC serviced because of lack of cooling, it may take only days for the refridgerant charge to leak out enough that the compressor can no longer build up enough liquid to fill the accumulator and then it is warm air only.

Remember that hose can have pressures up to 300 psi so the hose bursting or pulling off the fitting is a possiblity. That will mean rapid discharge of the refrigerant and oil as well as entry of air, moisture, and debris. The compressor clutch will probably disengage with the loss of pressure so the lack of compressor oil will not destroy the compressor internals.

Hope this helps.

The high pressure port is in this line and this is a hard line. If the line itself was leaking, the AC would not work for a full day. If there is a leak in this line, it is likely to be a seal at one end or the schrader valve in the high pressure port, both relatively cheap to fix, except for the added cost of removing the freon and then servicing the system afterwards. Like a $20 fix with a $200 to 300 servicing cost.

Why are you asking us these questions instead of asking the technician who diagnosed the problem?