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Escape Catches Fire - Squirrels?

My 2002 Ford Escape (54,000 miles) caught fire Monday the minute I turned the key and the engine shut off. Have had severe squirrel damage (anything rubber or plastic). Exposed control panel wires (plastic coating seemed intact). Could the squirrels have been the cause of car catching on fire? How can I protect next car (probably another Escape). My Escape was, of course, totalled. Very sad!

Sure they could have. The only prevention I know of is to keep the vehicle away from the squirrels.

To protect your next vehicle, go to a local yard/garden center and purchase some fox urine. This will make the squirrel’s think this predator is in the area, and won’t go near the vehicle.

What i do is take a metal coffee can and punch holes around the top. Then I place a rock in the can. Spinkle some fox urine in the can and then secure a pie pan upside-down to the top of the can. Place the can somewhere on the property where you can’t smell the urine. Then every week or so, go out and add a little more urine to the can.


Other than moving to a state that does not have squirrels, keeping them away is impossible. ;-(

I’ll check that out. Only problem is I am in a townhouse . . . I have used something from a local hardware store and it smelled so bad that I had to discontinue use. But, the rock in the can thing, especially upside down might just be a good idea. I guess as long as the oder isn’t just wafting out for neighbors to smell, it might work. Thanks. :slight_smile: