Erratic Gas Gauge 02 Rendezvous

So my gas gauge has a mind of its own and do not know what the problem is. I have a 02 redezvous with 85K. I have been told it it simple and cheap fix to expensive and difficult. Has anyone had experience with this? Thank yo in advance for any help.

The gas gauge on my 2000 Blazer quit working a few years ago. Evidently GM sending units of era are susceptible to sulfur deposits. You can try a can or two of Chevron Techron to clean the sending unit, you might have better luck than I did.

In my case, the sending unit is built into the fuel pump assembly and entails replacing the fuel pump ($$$ part and labor). I fill up each time and track the mileage and mpg between fill-ups. I try not to let the tank go below 3 gallons between fill-ups.

Ed B.