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ERG Valve

What is this, the ERG Valve? I am told it might be the cause of the pinging in my engine (2003 Maxima, 170,000 miles).

The EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve is designed to re-route exhaust gas to the intake. This is done for emissions, to lower combustions temps to decrease NOx output.

One side effect of lowering combustion temps is resistance to knock.

It’s not that hard at all for a mechanic to check this for you. Are you presently getting a Check Engine light?

It’s the EGR valve; exhaust gas recirculation. This valve helps to control NOX emissions and prevent pinging by lowering combustion chamber temperatures.

If it’s pinging badly it really needs to be repaired as this can be engine damaging over time. At the age and mileage it could be the valve and/or the EGR passages are clogged up.
Think of a chimney that needs to be cleaned on occasion.

EGR faults can also be caused by other problems in the EGR circuit such as a faulty EGR solenoid, etc, etc.