Enginge Revs while driving

I have a manual transmission, 99 Mazda Protege that has recently started driving weirdly…

While driving, usually on the freeway, when I push on the gas the enginge revs, as if I had the clutch pushed in, and then it ‘catches’, like i let the clutch out and then accelerates.

It doesn’t do this all the time, and seems to be more likely to do this if I try accelerating faster, rather than easing the gas pedal. Any ideas whats wrong? I’m worried that this means the clutch is going…

I smell a new clutch in your future. You likely will be smelling it soon.

make sure the clutch linkage is adjusted properly.

Going, gone.

Don’t allow it to do this as it will wear out that much faster. It’s probably more noticable in the higher gears. Accelerate SLOWLY. You may be able to nurse it thru the winter.

Good one Joe.