Engine wont start after swapping out



I swapped out my four cylinder automatic transmission engine out of a 95 mazda mx6 to a v6 manual transmission engine. However after the swap the car wont start up. The ligts as well as the power windows work but when I turn the key in the igniton nothing happens. I also swapped the v6 ECU along with all the wires so that all parts for the v6 are installed in the car. Could you tell me what might be the problem also could you tell me how to get the engine started up outside of the car?


Hopefully you have a test light or meter to check for voltage. You will need to follow the power to the ignition switch and find where the disconnection is at. Check the transmission safety switch also.


What I would do is get a Starter wiring schmatics for your 95 Mazda MX6 and compare it to the Starter Wiring schmatics to the year of car that you removed the V6 with manual trans. What year is the V6? If it is 1996 or newer then you have the OBD 2 system. There will be alot of diffrence in the wiring between the 1995 and the 1996 on most cars.


The v6 is actually a 1994