Engine won’t turn over, stuck in drive on computer when shifted in different gear

Hi, was driving to a friends and after filling up I went to drive, accidently bumped the shifter into park. The car started rolling, computer on the dashboard says it’s in “Drive” when it’s in park.
Key refused to come out. I got into the “shifter solenoid lockout” next to the shifter after a quick google search and was able to pull the key out of the ignition.

Fried my battery after trying to jump it when I had to sit in it for 8 hours waiting ina friend to pick me up. Got a new battery, connected it, dashboard is still the same.

I can now get it into park/neutral/all other shifts and those work but now the engine won’t start. Everything comes on, dash lights, headlights, radio, but NO ENGINE. Going to have someone look at it when I can, currently it’s stuck out in the middle in the desert until I can figure out somewhere to tow that isn’t gonna cost 400 bucks with the limited companies in the area. Is this a computer glitch or did I completely mess up my tranny with a simple bump? At a loss. Any help is appreciated.

2012 Honda Insight

Honestly most 2005+ vehicles have a sensor that help’s to not damage the transmission when you " accidentally " shift your gears while drive! However older vehicle’s didn’t have this technology so once you shifted gears while drive, your vehicle would take a long vacation with the mechanic!

Well that’s a relief to hear! Hopefully it’s fixable, it’s a wonderful car that I had to truly save for so here’s hoping.

Any check engine code on your dashboard after the incident?

Try shifting into neutral and then see if the engine starts.


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Update, it was the shift cable that broke! Had it repaired at a local shop. Thanks for the help!

Update for you, it was the shift cable that broke! Had it repaired at a local shop. What a weird small fix. Thanks for the help!