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Engine wiring doesn't match tech manual wiring diagram? 2006Subaru Forester XT

Hey there everyone-

Is it a problem that my engine wiring to the Fuel injectors, Camshaft sensors and the Purge control solenoid valve is different in my car, and doesn’t match the engine wiring diagram?

The circuits in question are the ones that provide power from the main relay, not any wires that go to the ECM.

This is part of my attempt to diagnose an ongoing intermittent cylinder 1 misfire code. The CEL will flash while I’m driving, with no change in engine performance.
Fuel injector and ignition coils/plugs on cylinder 1 are fine, so I’m looking into wiring now.

Thanks in advance for your insights!

What is your source of the engine wiring diagram?


The XT is not very common, diagram could be for the non-turbo? You might post this on a Subaru forum, more XT owners there.

There’s a sohc 2.5L engine and a dohc 2.5 L turbo engine possible for the 2006 Forester. Which engine do you have?

For the non-turbo version, from what I can see the same wire runs to pin 2 all the injectors. That comes from the pin 4 of the main relay, passes through connector b22 pin 48, that’s probably the power supply for all the injectors. Pin 1 of each injector is controlled separately by the ECM, it probably grounds that pin to pulse the injector. These 4 wires run through connector B22 also, as follows.

Injector B22-pin

1 B22-42
2 B22-43
3 B22-44
4 B22-45

The diagram I’m looking at has no wire color id or size unfortunately.

XT = turbo

It appears the fuel injector wiring is the same turbo vs non turbo for the 06 Forester. The diagram I’m looking at says the ECM source for injector number 1 is connector B137 pin 8. That goes to pin 1 of injector number 1.