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Engine warning light

why does my 4WD indicator and Washer level indicator come on and the vehicle is in 2H and the washer resv is full

Did you read the owners manual?? Each car is a little different. The owners manual should spell out exactly what each dash light means.

What year Dodge?? Many of these “push-button” 4WD systems use some pretty Micky-Mouse engagement systems that are very failure-prone…

The washer light is a separate issue having to do with a float-sensor in the washer tank…

Caddyman speaks the truth. I just sold my 2001 Chevy S-10 pickup with a Mickey-Mouse 4WD engagement system because of problems just like yours. The push-button system is very weak and very failure prone. I ended up buying a nicer 2WD model GMC Sonoma.