Engine vibration 2012 kia Optima lx 2.4L

So I just bought a 2012 kia Optima Lx 2.4L from my job (Moritz Chevrolet dealership-used cars), it has 53k miles on it surprisingly, but means it sat for a while. I’ve had it for not even a month and the engine vibrates when the AC is turned on (like the AC clutch is struggling or going out) in drive or park, however it does the same thing when in park idling off and on as if i turned AC on but the AC is completely off. There was a recall for 2011-14 kia, Hyundai, etc for metal shavings from factory in engine and the bearings wore drastically faster, causing some engines to seize. Its been in kia’s hands for 5 days and they wrongfully changed the compressor, fried my battery, and all they could say is we’re trying to track it down but we haven’t had this happen before. They finally sent it for an engine noise test and apparently failed. Does anyone think it’s from the recall or something else? Any thoughts are appreciated.

The a/c compressor magnetic clutch could stay engage when a/c is turned off causing strain on the compressor and it bearings.

But what about when the AC is off and it only does it for one minute and then stops then starts every other minute, could it still be that or possibly the recalled crankshaft bearings being worn out creating this vibration.

Most likely the crankshaft bearings.There is a class action suite for defective 2.0 L engine found in the Forte in my Province.Maybe your Optima has a similar problem,I know the Sonata did.

Yeah especially having a failed engine noise/knock test I just wanted a second opinion because it does do it constantly when AC is on so very well could have a problem there too just glad I got the extended warranty good lord

Sir, you did the right thing by buying the extended warranty

Yeah pretty much all 2.0L 2.4L kia, Hyundai, and one other company 2011-2014 might have a recall problem

Best decision my 18 year old self could’ve made with only $100 deductible warranty

Some folks here don’t believe in these warranties, you should start a post about the benefits of buying an extended warranty.

Honestly depends on the car and the price of warranty but in my case was well worth it and 3 weeks in already paid for itself

A modern automobile is made of thousands of parts, some will never fail but others will .Some people buy extended warranty for a simple dishwasher and not for the second most expensive purchase in there life,the automobile…It makes no sense.