Engine turns over but won’t start

My engine turns over but won’t start I Then try a second time and step on the gas and then it starts and runs just fine. I’ve never had to give it gas in order to start it before. The check engine light is NOT on. Car is running fine otherwise. 103,000 miles. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong?

The fuel rail may be depressurizing when the engine is stopped b/c the one way valve in the fuel pump has failed. On some cars this can be a work-a-round until the fuel pump is replaced: turn the key to “on” and wait 5 seconds, then back to “off”. Don’t try to start the engine when doing this. Then repeat the same thing, back to “on” and wait 5 seconds, and back to “off”. Does it start normally then? When discussing this with your mechanic, tell them “it cranks ok, but won’t start”.

No that didn’t work.

Cleaned the throttle body lately?

What year?

It’s a 1999 Acura.
No haven’t cleaned the throttle body. My neighbor thinks it might be the throttle body too.

As a driveway diy’er if I had that problem (assuming all the routine engine maintenance was up to date, warm and cold idle rpms are correct, ignition timing, etc) first thing I’d do is check for a healthy spark during cranking (at a time it cranks but doesn’t start). If the spark is ok, next I’d do a fuel pressure and fuel pressure hold test.