Engine trouble

Okay I have a 1990 Ford Ranger XLT 2.9L V6… The engine wants to start but won’t unless I use starter fuild. I’ve installed a new fuel pump and fuel filter, but I’m still having trouble. I’ve checked to see if I have power to the fuel pump and I do, but once I get the engine started from using the starter fluid and step on the gas, the engine dies… I also installed a new battery…

Oh I also checked all my fuses and replaced the bad one’s…

Okay, so you’ve got power

But what about ground?

Have you measured actual fuel pressure?

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I have a grown, was about to check pressure

So the pressure is good as well…

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: How full is the tank, and how old is the gas in it?

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3/4 full, only a week old

There may be clues in which fuses were bad. It might help if you filled in the details.

Are the injectors firing?

The only bad fuses were the cab light and the head lights…

The electronic fuel injection is working good

Well figured out the problem after dumping the gas tank, tank had about a gallon of water in it somehow… Thank y’all for the help…

Was this truck sitting for a long time . . . ?

Are you filling up at cut-rate filling stations . . . or ones that don’t see many customers, ones where the gas sits so long, you’re unsure of the quality?

It sat for a year, and I’ve gotten gas at both places, but won’t any more.

Any chance there are rust hole in the top of the gas tank letting in water?

Plastic tank, but since I pumped out all the water and most of the gas, today I’m going to drop the whole tank to make sure there’s no holes in it…

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