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Engine Surge

I have a 2007 Ford 500 with 87k in mileage, I have maintained it well but I am having a problem. The Engine surges when I turn the wheel, I think there is something from the power steering causing this, any ideas? I would like to know before I drop it off at the dealer at $98. Immediate service charge for them just to look at it.

Is this car still under warranty? If not, then don’t take it to a dealer. Just find a reputable, local, independent mechanic. They can deal with most everything a dealer can and without crazy fees and better rates for most everything else.

As for the actual question, I’m not familiar with this car, and I have no guess about how these things would go together.

There is a pressure switch in the rack that reports to the PCM so that it knows that a little more engine power may be needed. Maybe this switch is triggering too soon?