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Truck surges forward when driving

I have taken my 98 ford f-250 into a engine and a tranny shop neither can figure out why my truck surges when I am driving on the highway or when I am generally going over 35 mph and try to speed up. it surges when I try to speed up. I have replaced the mass airflow sensor the intake air temperature sensor and the idle air control valve. I have ran out of ideas. oh yea I have hooked it up to the computer you caqn get at shucks and nothing comes up. and I just had the tranny serviced also PLEASE HELP THANKS

I have a 91 f150 that surges and jerks when it gets above2000 rpm and I can’t find whatis wrong either my number is 704-855-7941 I would like to talk to you and see if there is something we might have missed

have you checked the fuel pressure? how about a new fuel filter?

I will give that a try thanks

just changed the fuel filter still doing the same problem