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Engine stumble

Hi Folks…1st time on-line…I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Diamante…My CarMD Analyzer shows P0101, P0102 and P0441 for error codes…The engine will “stop” for a split second and then recover, while accelerating onto the freeway, or moving away from a complete stop or even while driving using ‘cruise control’, and sometimes will die while stopped…This condition is not consistent or repeatable ie:I cant make it happen…Any help is muchly appreciated…Sunnie D…

Find out where your evap line feeds into your intake - I’m not sure where it would be on this car. Its often right onto the throttle body or throttle body area. Pull the evap line and cap off its port on the intake/tb/ whatever. Clear your codes and then see what happens.

If the engine stumble and MAF codes go away ignore the MAF codes and troubleshoot your evap purge valve & system.

Of course, cleaning and checking the wiring for the MAF is never a bad idea.