Engine stopping no apparent reason

My 89 dodge sundance with the little4 cylinder will start and run fine. Recently it quit while I was driving down the highway. No sputtering, no gradualle

lose of power . Suddenly I have no engine as roll down the highway. Pull over and she starts up. Some times I can recrank it as I am still rolling. New cap and plugs and wires in the car, and it was not raining when this happened. I have changed the fuel filter and checked the gas for water. What should I check next?

You need to check items that cause a immediate “engine off” condition. Things like plus,wire,cap,somewhat fuel filter cause poor running, not “engine off” conditions.

I would guess an ignition issue. How old are the plugs, wires etc.

My guess … a failing ignition module.

Either no spark or no gas. On the no gas side of it, does the car have an electric fuel pump? If yes, could be the pump going bad. Just as possible is a bad wire or dirty contact in the wiring for the fuel pump. If there is a fuel pump relay in the circuit pull and replace it. Track the wiring and pull apart any connectors you find and reconnect them. Look for any signs of corrosion as you check the connectors.