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Engine starting but turning off

I have a 1997 Chrysler Town 'n Country mini-van that will start but then turn itself off after 2-3 seconds. At the same time, most of the dashboard indicator lights do not come on when this happens. The coil has been replaced, and it has been to an automotive electrical shop twice. All to no avail. BTW, this act is random, leaving the driver stranded periodically. Anyone else experienced this?

Try using a different key, the chip key for the security anti-theft system maybe going bad. This would allow the car to start, but shuts the motor down if the key doesn’t match the code stored in the security system.

Another possible is a fuel pump going bad. Sometimes it will work and other times it won’t. Eventually it will fail completely.

Issues like yours can take awhile to track down. These are pretty good places to start, the key and the fuel pump.

In addition to the chip & fuel pump I’d mention the possibility of a dying idle air control valve (IAC). These can be tested and cleaned if the electricals all check out.

New issue…2002 Maxima that has 216K miles on it; the engine has begun to randomly sputter (never turning off), and, when this is happening and the accelerator is intermittently depressed, the tachometer does not register any increase in RPMs, plus the car does not pull itself forward. Yet occasionally the engine does rev itself, and the car lunges forward. Also, the dashboard has highlighted the ABS light, battery light, and brake light in a flashing manner at times while this is occuring. Have checked the 3-1/2 month old battery, transmission, and alternator, and all are working fine…while the car is behaving, mind you. Also, have put a gas treatment in the tank to dispel the bad gasoline notion. My mechanic has said it’s registering 17 volts, when it should register 14 volts. What’s going on?