Engine Smoke:

Fist allow me to give the most amount of information about the Vehicle in reference:

1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, Brougham. It has a 5.0 Liter V8 Engine and 4-barrel Carburetor; Automatic transmission. Since day one of my buying it at 60,000 Original Miles… It is now at 62,000 Original Miles, there has been a leak of oil from the oil pan and oil pan gasket.

There was also a radiator leak which was fixed by a radiator-sealant fluid bought from the Auto-Parts store, and it worked very well.

Eventually I noticed my Radiator would push the Coolant into the Reservoir and it was a darker, nasty brown color. Seemingly not oil. So I bought a “Flush” cleaner for the radiator and we cleared the Radiator at home instead of the $100.00 fee at the garage.

Well, now I’ve noticed white smoke coming from the Engine on both sides; and it gets hot. However, my check-engine light, which seemingly works, has yet to come on, nor is there any warning lights. I’ve checked my oil, which is down a quart, but does not seem to reveal a different color or texture that was oil normally does.

I’m wondering what is causing this white smoke?

I’ve heard either Head-Gasket, or Valve-Seals… or something within that range.

Last I check nothing is leaking from the tail-pipe, and I have not seen smoke. The smoke is white, just white. And the Radiator fluid is better since the flush. The oil is not contaminated and NOTHING is coming from the tailpipe. The left side of the Radiator where the cap is gets hot MUCH slower than the left. And does not actually get hot from every time I’ve checked, just warm. I haven’t seen many symptoms of a blown-head-gasket but maybe I’m wrong.

There is no coolant leaking. I’ve checked multiple times and have yet to locate a leak anywhere. The Oil doesn’t appear to be changing either, I just check.

The belts need to be changed, they are aged. Not sure if there is much relevance. During the process of letting it circulate water as called for by the “Flush” treatment thing, I noted steam emerged from the sides of the engine somewhere?

Turns out the issue was a leak from the Valve Cover Gasket. I’ll hopefully be replacing them soon, luckily the car is old enough to still work on without the assistance of an expensive garage.

Thank you, everyone. For this GREAT contribution of ideas, excellence at a finest.