Engine shampoo


I had to laugh when I saw this entry in the Motorcraft fluid catalog. I was thinking of the lead-in to the show that is currently in use:

Engine Shampoos Part Number Specification Number Size Unit Package MSDS / FIR Number TSB Engine Shampoo and Degreaser ZC-20 ESR-M14P3-A 17.25 oz aerosol 12 130107 / 172983 N/A Water Base Engine Shampoo ZC-7 ESR-M14P3-A 5 U.S. gal Bag-in-Box 1 046809 Features: ? Cleans grease, oil and road dirt from engine and engine compartment prior to painting or performing engine repair ? Concentrated, water-based formula may be applied using a sprayer. Use the handy aerosol can for individual components and small surface areas ? Use to clean transmission housings, hydraulic equipment, enclosed electric motors, generator housings, gear casings and hand tools.


Wonder if the “conditioner” is added for softer & more fluffier look! Must be a “better idea”.:slight_smile:


Engine fluids can be corrosive if they get loose in the engine compartment and land on sensitive components, like rubber parts. If you somehow got transmission or brake fluid on your hoses, you’d want to clean the engine. This stuff fits the bill.

BTW, do not steam clean an engine. The heat cn damage rubber parts.

jtsanders hates agreeing to terms of service many times each night


I just use a degreaser with water to clean mine, I hate dirty engines. Having oil/grease on rubber/plastic components is not good in the long run, and clean engines are easier to spot leaks and much more fun to work on. I don’t clean mine with a toothbrush like some folks I know.