Engine runs but transmission does not engage Fud or Rev


I have a 1989 Ford Taurus. I was driving up an incline and the car suddenly lost power. I pulled over and the engine wws still working fine anD Would rev up when the gas pedal was depessed. However the caa wod ot move either frward or backward regardless of what gear I selected (R, D, etc) This happended all of a suddeen and was running perfectly just prior to this incident. I thought I heard something like a bracket fall to the pavement just before th car lost power. Any thoughts?


When you put the car in park with the E-Brake off does it roll?
Sounds like it may have broke a CV-Joint.


Of course, catastrophic transmission failure can also be a culprit.


Are you sure that ‘bracket’ you heard falling off wasn’t the transmission oil pan ?

Easy check for a shot CV is rev the car in gear, the speedo should move, while you don’t. This would be unusual without prior warning (click click) noises.

If it was a bracket, it could be you lost the transmission cable mounting and tensioning bracket. The transmission won’t engage any gears without this.

If that’s in place and you can engage park but no gears, your tranny is shot - but check the fluid level anyway ~ just in case.