Engine Running Rough

I have a 2005 Caravan with 41,000 miles. The engine light is staying on and I thought the problem was bad gasoline. The engine is very sluggish, especially when trying to stay at he same speed. Could the problem be clogged fuel injectors?

The list of possibilities is a very long one. If your Check Engine Light (CEL) is illuminated, that means that a trouble code (or codes) has been stored by the car’s OBD system. So, unless you want to begin randomly “throwing parts at it”, the first step is to have the codes read. Just as few doctors will make a diagnosis without lab tests, it is unrealistic with modern cars to try to fix a problem without first finding out which trouble codes have been stored.

Many auto parts stores will do this free-of-charge, although some have ended the practice. Try the local Auto Zone, Advance Auto, and NAPA outlets to see if they will scan your system for trouble codes.

Since many things that cause the CEL to light up are emissions-related, and since you have an 8 yr./80,000 mile warranty on the emissions systems, it is even possible that the problem may be covered by warranty. But, first you need to have those codes read.