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Engine Restore

Engine Restore
The oil additive, does it really work…

Yes, it makes a lot of money for the people who make it.


Right, I should have specified Who it works for…

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I have used in on a GM 3.1 and a Jeep 4cyl, both had noisy lifters. Restore made them quieter. Both engines had high miles


I’ve heard good. Volvo was the first bad. I generally not a believer in additives but…

And WHAT it works for!

Additives such as Restore can help an old engine extend its useful life by quieting a bit of operating noise by enhancing the viscosity a bit, or even reducing dripping through long-compressed gaskets. But they don’t “restore” anything. I’ve seen advertisements over the years for products that claim to fill in scratches in cylinder walls… but cylinder walls are intentionally scratched in a process called “honing” to allow a film of oil to remain after the oil wiper rings go past wiping off the excess. If people understood that perfectly smooth cylinder walls are an engine’s enemy rather than its friend, they might think differently about this product.

I don’t recommend additives unless the evaluation has been done and the determination is that the engine is suffering from excess wear… and the goal is only to stretch its life a bit. In those cases, I’ve recommended additives myself.

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Copy that :v:

If additives restored engines a lot of garages would be closed. Just use common sense to answer the question.

I have good common sense. It was explained that it fills wear in engine. Seems viable. I do not plan on using it however. 454 160k

Smart decision.

These products are made for professionals

Then I must be a professional and they are spendy

Uhm, NO in as few words as possible. Wear areas on engine - cast iron bores, stainless steel rings. OR nodular iron crankshaft running on a tin plated, lead backed bearing - no liquid product will “fill” those wear marks in metal and stay put IN those wear marks.

This is sales hype. Generally can’t hurt the engine but it won’t “restore” anything.

Having so much snake oil sold on the market, no wonder most of people are are not exactly receptive to idea of some miracle product actually working :slight_smile:

I’ve known only few which really improve something, using XADO for years now with confirmed restoration results. Here is their staged video:

For me it worked in two case: improving compression, sometimes up to 10-15% and getting gears not to whine. I’m also using it as a “wear preventative measure”, but this is probably my paranoia as I’m quite diligent on maintenance and unlikely to get things worn by the point I “get tired” of particular vehicle.

Just my 2 cents. I’m not affiliated with XADO and do not sell their product.