Engine replacement and no transmission fluid

Hi I recently had a rebuilt engine put in my car, then a few days later I heard a noise in the transmission and checked the fluid and there was none, they replaced the clutch pad with the engine. Could this overhaul have caused the tranny fluid to leak out?

If this is a manual transmission car it is quite possible they may have had to drain the transmission during the removal process. With the drive shaft or half shafts removed oil will leak out unless the holes are plugged or the entire transmission oil is drained before hand. The mechanic may just have forgotten to refill the transmission.

To give us a better chance to ascertain the situation here, please give the year, make, model, engine size, and transmission type of this vehicle. Help us help you.,

It’s a little 1988 Subaru Justy hatchback with a manual transmission and 4wd. The engine is a 3 cylinder 1.2L engine. On the invoice from the shop they charged me for oil and coolent but not transmission or differential fluid, so I’m assuming they didn’t add those last two although the shop is claiming that they added transmission fluid if so where could it have gone?

Have you checked the level of the motor oil?

I don’t know exactly how the Justy was designed, but on the larger Subarus, the drain plug for the transmission is just a few scant inches away from the drain plug for the motor oil–and they look identical. There have been quite a few instances of shops draining the transmission on these cars by mistake, and then adding new oil to the engine, thus resulting in an engine that is grossly overfilled with oil and a transmission that is dry. The transmission then craps out very quickly, and the engine follows suit after a few days or weeks.

As I said, the little Justy may not be set up mechanically in the same way as the bigger Subarus, but I would suggest that you check your motor oil immediately. If it is grossly overfilled, then my theory is probably correct.

Motor oil level looks fine. Any other ideas? I’m thinking they must have drained the tranny fluid to pull the engine and just forgot to fill it after replacing the engine, they forgot to attach some carb hoses which were just flopping around in there the first time I picked the car up, it ran like crap and I brought it back the next day, so I’m kind of wondering if they did a real rush job on my car because its old or something. Well I want to be as informed as possible when I confront the shop and try and get them to do something about it,