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Engine Repair/Rebuilt - Water damage

2006 engine took in water 7/24; is it possible to be rebuilt…only 34,000 miles; other areas allways well maintained…if possible what’s the going rate, and other areas that may be required in repair. Battery had full power i.e. radio etc was working.

You need to have the motor examined to determine the extent of the damage. Cars that have been in water experience a lot of damage to many systems. If the motor was running and the water entered the intake (where the air gets in) it can cause severe damage.

Can such a damaged motor be rebuilt? Yes, is it practical to do so? Likely not. Even if you get a new motor or the current one rebuilt, the rest of the vehicle’s condition is in question.

Flood damaged cars are trouble with a capital “T”.

If this vehicle was in water deep enough to flood the engine, it’s now junk.

Don’t waste your time and money trying to salvage it.

Engines that ingest water, especially when they are running, can have significant internal damage. I’d pass on trying to rebuild such an engine and look for a similar used engine, or one that’s already been rebuilt.

Vehicles that have been in water can have multiple, expensive electronic and electrical problems. Then there’s the issue of rust, mold, and mildew. I would not attempt to keep such a car, even if it were three days old.