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Engine Rattling only when in Drive and moving while accelerating

I have a Nissan Murano with about 120k miles on it. There is a rattling noise coming from the engine compartment when I am driving and only when I give gas. I cannot get the car to make the noise any other time. I tried putting in neutral and giving gas or in park , but the noise does not happen then.

The noise seems to go faster and higher pitched the faster the car is traveling. The noise continues after I let go of the gas but barely audible , but sound increases when once again I accelerate.

any ideas . I will try to make a video . I tried but it could not be heard over road noise .

There is new oil and transmission fluid in vehicle.

You might try a fill up with premium gas, see if it goes away, could be engine ping.

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Barky’s is a good idea, esp if it sounds like shaking a can of bolts. Besides the fuel octane level, overly advanced ignition timing or too wide of spark plug gap can cause that. It could also be just an exhaust shieldis rattling. Driving in gear and giving the engine gas puts forces on the engine mounts that don’t occur when not in gear. That can twist the engine and transmission enough to cause an exhaust shield to rattle. Ask your shop to inspect the engine and transmission mounts and exhaust system shields.

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I tried premium gas one tank so far and also added octane boost to see if that would help.

I also had the engine mounts replaced about two years ago so they should be good.

The spark plugs probably need to replaced . They need replacement around this time, so maybe that is it ?

I will have my exhaust checked at a muffler shop and see if the head shields are loose.

Thanks for the advice.

the noise sounds like a whirl , almost like a baseball card in spokes and the noise gets higher pitched and gets accelerated when gas is given.

Possibly, an exhaust manifold leak.

I too had a similar noise under similar circumstances with my 99 Durango. I thought it was the exhaust manifold, but come to find out it was the Y-flange of the exhaust that was rusted. .

Concur with the post above, the second description seems less like pinging and more like an exhaust leak.

In any event it sounds like you are on track to figure it out. If it turns out to be pinging, ask the shop to check the egr system too.