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Engine Races

I have a '94 Ford Topaz that sometimes has the engine race when put into neutral or park . If I turn it off and wait a few minutes it’ll idles fine. I’ve checked that throttle linkage and can’t see it sticking. What else might it be?

You could have a sticking IAC, or idle air control valve. These can sometimes be cleaned with a good throttle body, or fuel injection cleaning spray. That’s a common cause of what you’re describing.

A bad IAC, sticking EGR, and a few other things that are not as easy or cheap. I would first pull the IAC, and clean it and the mounting space for it very good with some throttle body cleaner. Gunk build-up will cause the IAC to stick open. Then, check the EGR for smooth action. If it feels rough, replace it.

Thanks pj and bk. i think I found the definitive answer.