Engine question

I am hearing a coming coming from the pulleys in my 2002 Toyota Camry. Taking it to the shop in the morn but what do you guys think may be the problem?

As Kelso from That 70’s Show might say, “They’re doin’ it in there!!!”

Toyo Cam! Earth To Toyo Cam! You’re Breaking Up! You’re Losing It!

You state that you are hearing a “Coming” coming from the pulleys. I’ll guess that you meant to say “sound”. I’ll guess the sound is a “squealing and/or rattling” sound.

Next, when talking about an engine problem, it is helpful to know which engine, the 4 or 6 cylinder one. I’ll guess 4 cylinder because I have a possible answer for that one.

Make sure your mechanic has access to Toyota TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins). There is a bulletin for 2001-2004 Camrys that addresses this pulley noise. The noise is reported to often be worse when the engine has been “cold soaked” (first start in morning). The solution is to replace the accessory drive belt “tensioner pulley assembly” with an improved part (#16620-28011). They were doing this replacement on cars while under warranty.

How’d I do with my crystal ball? If you’ve got a six cylinder or that’s not the problem, let us know and also describe what is “coming” from the pulley, please.

Your mechanic should know how to listen to this pulley and also how to remove the belt momentarily to see if the noise stops.

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Maybe the OP can’t hear us because of the “coming coming from the pulleys”.
That can get pretty loud in some cases.


Maybe this topic, and the thread on “The Ford Vibrator” belong in another forum.

The last time I heard that it was a line from Boy George singing about a boat called “Camelia”.

That sound is often an imbalace in the pulley or one of your belts starting to go bad. It’s easier for a good mechanic to check this out than for us to take a guess over the internet.