Propeller-like sound from timing belt area 1998 Toyota Camry


The propeller sound only occurs when the engine is


The dealer replaced a bunch of things in the timing belt area: timing belt, tensioner,

spring, “bearings”, water pump, oil seal, and

belts. They also replaced the spark plugs.

After all that the sound was exactly the same.

It really sounds like there is going to be a terrible problem in the not too distant future.

Any ideas folks?




When you say, “and belts”. Do you mean the serpentine belt was also changed?


I had one that made a lot of roaring noise that turned out to be the electric fan. It was woefully out of balance, and would even roar for a short period just after the engine was switched off. It turned out the owner had gotten the car stuck in mud, some of which wound up dried onto a couple of fan blades.


Is the engine a 4 cylinder or 6? Is the sound constant or does it change with engine RPM? Is it different when the car is moving or stationary?