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1997 Ford Taurus Rough Idle when warm

I drive a hot mess of a vehicle. It is a 1997 for taurus that’s got more than its fair share of miles on it.My big brother drove this car when he was 16 and Im 22. Im a college kid and i dont do much to my car knowing it will die soon but at the same time I dont have much money to do much. We have a good relationship most of the time and I gladly provide gas and regular oil changes in exchange for transportation. :wink:

My car when its warm outside especially idles very rough. So rough that at times it stalls out. It seems to happen most often and to the worst degree when the outside temp is very high and it has been running recently and I’m trying to start it up again. At other times and temperatures it has idled rough but not bad enough to stall. Once I start driving, or moving, its fine. The rough idle makes my car sound like a boat, that’s the best way I can explain it.

Any ideas as to why my car does this? Any suggestions on how to fix it?

How long since the car had a tune up? Might also clean the IAC valve.

what’s a tune up? lol just kidding… It goes to the shop every now and then… most often only when there is a serious problem. Last time it went in was probably a year ago I think. Anyway I, or a semi talented car boyfriend could check on the IAC valve??