Engine Problems

I have a 2006 Volvo S60. When I am cruising along I back off on the gas. When I give it just a little gas to accelerate, the engine studders slightly as though it’s not getting the fuel or choking. It’s very annoying. I took it to a Volvo maechanic who said he checked the engine and everything is working okay. Help!

The throttle position sensor (tps) tells the engine computer when you move the gas pedal, and how much. The computer, then, orders more, or less, fuel to suit. The mechanic should be checking the resistance, and the voltage, on the tps at those particular positions that you are experiencing problems, very carefully. He needs to check for resistance, and voltage, flat spots and spikes. If he says, “Duh!”, to this test, you have the wrong mechanic(s).

Thank you for the response. I’ll have the mechanic check the tps. Can I let you know what he finds?

Also, Is this something I can check with a multimeter myself? I was an electronics engineer for many years.


With a scan tool, you don’t need a multimeter. You can punch up the TPS, and follow what the computer is reading. Your mechanic should have one.

“Also, Is this something I can check with a multimeter myself?”

Yes, it’s just a fancy potentiometer.