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Engine Oil

I have 2005 Nissan Altima 2.5S with about 83000 miles, I live in Arizona and I have been using 10W-30 but last time, I used 20-50 based on my friend’s recommendation. Am I using the right stuff?

See what your owners manual says and follow the recommendations. The 20 (low temp) may be a little thick when you first start up.

No. The owners manual reflects the proper oil that should be used. Not your friend.


Unless you’re in the Flagstaff area the 20-50 is OK. It’s best to check the owners manual for the proper grade of oil for the car. There is likely an on line link to Nissan with their recommendations regarding oil, etc. if the owners manual is not available.

So, you’re asking if it’s the engineers at Nissan or your friend who knows your engine better?

I will check the manual, Thanks.

Will do, Thanks.

I live in Mesa, Thank you for your recommendation.

I will check the manual, Thanks.

Are you using/burning oil? Is this why your friend suggested a thicker oil?

No, it does not.

20-50 is a little thick…Even in Mesa. 15W-40 fleet oil might be a better choice for Arizona summers…Since it’s both gas and diesel rated, it’s also a superior lubricant…

Continue to follow the owner’s manual. Doesn’t matter how hot it is where ever you are. The engine temperature is regulated by the thermostat in the cooling system. If the car has an oil cooler then that too will have a thermostat regulating the oil temperature. It may be 120?F outside but your oil temperature will not be much more than 10?F higher than if it was 70?F outside.