2005 Nissan Pathfinder - Oil Loss/Damage

I have a Nissan 2005 pathfinder. I wasn’t driving it much because it didn’t have up to date registration tags. Anyway, i got a new battery and decided it needed an oil change too thinking it couldn’t hurt before my smog check. Shortly after leaving jif…an oil changing shop- my car started making noises and seemed sluggish. I called the shop and they said to come back and theyd look. I didn’t want to miss my smog appointment a few cities down so I couldn’t make it then. Smog ck was postponed because of the battery change but by then I was late to something else. I immediately drove home and I was picked up for the weekend. When I came back I went to a gas station and the car made a weird loud sound then just started rattling! He shop says it’s not their fault. The cl engine light keeps saying check oil level, random misfire and something something timing something something sensor something. This was in May. Since then, I’ve replaced all spark plugs and it’s making more noise than ever and down half my oil!!! I’m wanting to sell this car, it’s too big for the traveling I’m going to start in a few months. I don’t want to just give it away either. What can I do? What’s causing my car to go crazy?

The oil change place didn’t put any oil in your car or they screwed up the oil filter replacement. It is now a lawn ornament because your engine has been destroyed.

Since you didn’t want to miss your smog appointment and kept driving it, you now will have a VERY difficult time getting the oil change shop to pay for it.

You need to take it to an independent mechanic for diagnosis. Sounds like you have an oil leak, along with other problems.
Too late now, but when it started making noise the first thing I would have done is check the oil.
If by jif you meant Jiffy Lube, majority of people on this forum do not trust those shop for anything.

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