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Engine Oil Cooler - reman engine - Pontiac G6

Trying to find a reman engine for a 2006 Pontiac G6.
1st gen. with engine oil cooler.
Cannot find one with the cooler.
Mechanic says we can buy a reman engine without the cooler and bypass the connections.
Is this advisable?

I wouldn’t do that. The actual cooler is outside the engine - it is a small radiator. The connections TO the oil cooler are what is missing. I’d install an aftermarket filter-sandwich type connection. It installs under the filter. Looks like this;

Your mechanic needs to get one for your car and make lines to connect it to the cooler.

you mean install an aftermarket cooler to the reman engine that doesn’t have the cooler?

Yes, That is exactly what I mean.

Thank you.

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you need the oil filter adapter that attaches to oil pan. you can swap the oil pan from your old motor and the adapter when you change the motors. you attach the oil cooler lines to this and that runs to the radiator. which you reuse. you have all the parts you need on your current motor

image like this